Since 1927 we have encouraged the best of the new and work to protect the old. Guiding change - not stopping it, helping to protect our green spaces and views for the future. Please join us. Support Oxford.


Enjoy special exclusive Oxford Open Door events in the week prior to the main public weekend.  This year we have lots of events arranged including a private tour of the exclusive All Souls College with its wonderful Codrington Library.

Do you want to open the door to an exciting opportunity this year? Why not become an Oxford Open Doors Volunteer and relish in the opportunity to help discover ‘Hidden Oxford’ for thousands of people, all while enjoying the weekend yourself.

Becoming a member of OPT has lots of benefits.  Most importantly, it supports the preservation of Oxford’s historical gems and the guiding of positive change as the city evolves.  However, there are lots of personal benefits too including:

Great news for the summer months – the lovely Victoria Arms pub in Old Marston has increased the discount it offers to OPT members to 15%. This is a great addition to the many discounts and events available to members of OPT:


Oxford Preservation Trust are passionate about protecting Oxford’s extraordinary and wonderful past and guiding its exciting future. Since 1927 we’ve been the custodians of land and buildings with its fingers of green running into and through the City, where ‘town meets country’.

The OPT team were down at Hinksey Meadow recently celebrating National Meadows Day, enjoying the sunshine and sharing and celebrating in this wonderful piece of meadowland which people tell us has been managed like this for a thousand years.

If you are not yet a member of Oxford Preservation Trust (OPT), then there is no better time to join than now!  This month sees the build up to the highlight of our year – Oxford Open Doors.